Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Congratulations, Town of Summit, on your property tax increase!

Aurora finally won approval to build a hospital in the Town of Summit. Have another serving of sprawl.

This hospital will need police protection. It will need fire protection, and those firefighters will need to be trained in fighting fires involving hazardous materials. The hsopital may even require the development of some sort of mass transit service, since many hospital employees are of the very low-paid variety and may well not have cars. (Plus, if they work for Aurora, many probably don't have health insurance, either.)

Here's the punch line: Aurora hospitals don't pay property taxes. Not. One. Cent.

That's one reason Aurora can afford the lawyers to force communities to accept its hospitals where people don't want them. The folks in and around Summit who didn't want this hospital in the first place now get to subsidize it by ponying up for services Aurora requires but isn't required to pay for.

Congratulations, Town of Summit.

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Blurondo said...

Isn't it high time that for all of the reasons listed in this article, tax exempt property owners be required to pay something for the services they get for free? I 'm talking about all of them: hospitals, churches, schools, museums, etc, etc.