Friday, August 11, 2006

Another Bucherism

Paul, Paul, stop, you're killin' me!

You funny guy, you know the state's top attorney can't be a functional illiterate!

The latest and greatest coherency faux pas from a Bucher for AG press release:

Although there is a forum scheduled in Madison, I have already been unable to attend that...

This is a game, right? Find the Bucherism? Is there a cash prize at the end for the person who finds the most of them?

Vote for Bucher.
"I don't suck"*
*Does not include basic English

1 comment:

Carol from the West Side said...

Don't Bucher and Van Hollen believe that anyone becoming a US citizen should be proficient in english? Has anyone checked these guys' "papers"? I think that they both suck.