Saturday, July 22, 2006

When the going gets tough, Finley calls in sick

A day or so after its amazingly bad Milwaukee Public Museum rescue plan is made public, the museum brass is scheduled to give a quarterly update to the County Board's Finance Committee. Who ducks out, but Museum President Dan Finley.

The museum is next door to the courthouse.

Reports the JS:

Finley, who had non-emergency surgery last week, was in the office Thursday but said he was not feeling up to attending the Finance Committee meeting.

OK, so Finley was well enough to drive or be driven all the way from his western Waukesha County home, but didn't feel up to walking next door to the courthouse to attend a meeting? What kind of BS is that? It is more likely Finley simply chickened out and was too timid to face the tough questions he knew were coming.

Way to go, Dan.

Our hero.


geoff said...

Gretchen: I agree with your feelings toward Finley et al but I am becoming more alarmed each day about the future for the MPM. As much as I'd like to trash these folks, I have not seen any better alternatives. I remember when the City sold the MPM to the County becasue it felt unable to keep it up to the level required of a world class museum. The County soon started exhibiting the same fiscal problems (and those were in the good old days when the County had money). They did the transfer and under the Minihan - Moynihan leadership things seemed to go ok. How can we get back to that situation? I don't think returning it to the County is a good idea but somewhere along the way, some public money will be needed to get the MPM out of the hole it finds iteslf in.

Anonymous said...

Gretchen: Early Saturday morning I was at the Kiwanas Pancake Breakfast at the Waukesha County Fair in Waukesha. I could swear I saw the person you blogged about volunteering there as he usually does every year. Not being able to do stuff in Milwaukee on Thursday and Friday, the person must have felt better on Saturday. I'm sure countless other people saw that person too. Care to do some investigating for us?