Friday, July 07, 2006

Some weird sort of justice, or not

Disgraced former US Rep. Tom DeLay will stay on the Texas ballot even though he has quit Congress and has abandoned the Lone Star State for Virginia, a judge ruled yesterday. DeLay's district is mostly Republican, and the decision means there won't be a real Republican candidate for Repbublicans to vote for. The Dems, pending a likely appeal of the decision, have a great chance of picking up this seat.

DeLay was the mastermind behind the Texas redistricting designed to minimize Democratic districts and Democratic influence. There is some ironic justice in seeing Republicans in DeLay's district suffer the same kind of fate so many Democrats all through Texas did because of Tom DeLay. On the other hand, maybe it would be better for everyone if competitive districts were allowed to exist and voters were actually the ones to determine who represents them.

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triticale said...

Having been forced to remain on the ballot by the Democrats' reversal of their Torricelli lawsuit, DeLay has announced that he will in fact run. Serve the Dems right if he wins.