Monday, July 03, 2006

Schedule the water resolution

Gov. Doyle and the DNR have a lot of explaining to do about their behind-closed-doors effort to get Lake Michigan water diverted to New Berlin. This crucial public policy action was done on a need-to-know basis -- and apparently the only people DNR & Co. thought needed to know were the gov, a few New Berlin officials and a conflicted consulting firm.

Languishing in the Common Council's Public Works Committee is a resolution by Ald. T. Anthony Zielinski that would direct the city to study the benefit of diverting Lake Michigan water to New Berlin, exactly like the boys in the secret water society want to do. I don't know if Tony Z. was in on the "quiet" plan to divert water, but clearly someone was whispering in his ear. It can hardly be a coincidence that his resolution reflected exactly the plot that was already underway.

The resolution should be scheduled for discussion. Let's invite the DNR and the governor come to Milwaukee to explain why they wanted to keep the public out of the discussion about such a critical issue. Let's ask them why they didn't have the courtesy to inform Milwaukee representatives about the diversion application. Let's ask the governor whether showing such disdain for Milwaukee residents -- not just for Mayot Tom Barrett, who ran against him and who he still doesn't like much, but for all Milwaukee residents -- will help him in his re-election bid.

Let's invite Ruekert/Mielke, the firm who works for New Berlin to get a diversion and for Waukesha on increasing the city's water supply and for SEWRPC on a water supply study that will help decide whether diversion is a good policy to explain why all those conflicting roles do not constitute one insurmountable conflict of interest. Let's get Kurt Bauer, who is both chair of the SEWRPC water study committee and who also has done work for Ruekert/Mielke, explain why that is not a conflict.

Please schedule the resolution. Let's have the discussion that already should have happened. It should be very enlightening.

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Anonymous said...

Here here. I am so tired of all the politics. First its the freeway monies, now its the water. I truly cannot think of what life would be like for me if Green is Governor, but I must admit, I am geting nervous about what life will be like with another 4 years with Doyle too!