Saturday, July 08, 2006

Perfecto Rivera short on signatures for Gwen Moore challenge

Perfecto Rivera, who has announced he is running for the 4th District Congressional seat now held by Gwen Moore, is scrambling to save his candidacy. He sent out an e-mail Friday urging recipients to sign his nomination papers before the deadline on Tuesday.

"I currently have about 80% of the signatures I need," he wrote. Wow! 20% short four days before due date? Not good.

Perfecto sent out the e-mail from his work account at Lincoln State Bank and invited recipients to sign the papers at a Wisconsin Ave. buiding owned by Alan Eisenberg, real estate agent, race driver, unsuccessful candidate for governor, and lawyer with a 3 times suspended law license.

This campaign is in trouble.

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Anonymous said...

Its interesting that those who wait until the "11th" hour to send in their nomination paper's, especially if they are the INCUMBENTS!!!! Strangely enough, we don't hear about that from our illustrious JS journalists!