Thursday, July 27, 2006

Jim Sullivan takes the lead over Tom Reynolds

5th State Senate District candidate Jim Sullivan (D) did a whole lot better at fund-raising during the last reporting period than the very, very conservative incumbent Tom Reynolds (R) did. Reynolds' issues -- he says he is pro-life and pro-death penalty and pro-bigger-freeways-so-some-people-can-drive-85-mph and pro-virginity-til-you-are-married -- apparently appeal to a fairly narrow base.

He is also pretty much anti-Milwaukee, which is unfortunate because his district includes part of the city.

Sullivan is a moderate Democrat, a lawyer, a Wauwatosa alderman, and a member of the Navy Reserve.

Reynolds is a West Allis printer and a Republican nut job.

1 comment: said...

You forgot to mention that Reynolds uses his printing presses to print "Pastor" Ralph Ovadahl's leaflets which call Pope John Paul II a "Minister of Satan".

This has frosted many Catholics, myself included, who don't take kindly to comparing the late Pope to the Prince of Darkness.