Wednesday, July 26, 2006

And these are the folks protecting us?

Imagine what a bad guy could do with personal identifying information of 1,500 employees and contractors of the National Nuclear Security Administration. The opportunities for extortion and kidnapping and all sorts of nefarious activity would be terrific indeed.

It would be a national emergency.

It happened. Someone grabbed the data. And the Bush administration reacted just like it did in the days following that emergency called Katrina:

The Washington Post reported:

Last fall, an intruder gained access to a computer at the National Nuclear Security Administration in Albuquerque -- part of the Energy Department -- and took a file with personal identifying information for 1,500 employees and contractors.

Rather than alerting those whose data were compromised and senior Energy officials, the administration filed the episode away with about 830 other incidents the department experienced last year.... In congressional testimony last month, the department's inspector general, Gregory H. Friedman, said "significant weaknesses continue to exist.

We are all so safe with George at the helm.

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