Friday, June 30, 2006

Walker's folks vote for new taxes

Gov. Doyle is going to try to find a way to help Milwaukee County out of its fiscal mess. County Executive Scott Walker keeps insisting he won't raise taxes in Milwaukee County. The parks are falling apart, and the basic county "safety net" of social services is threatening to unravel.

It was a very strange sight, then, to see all three county representatives
on the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission vote in favor of a highway-happy regional transportation plan with a $65 million annual funding shortfall and cost estimates that don't mesh with reality (just an example -- gas prices will be $2.30 a gallon, in SEWRPC's utopian vision).

There was much talk of the need to fund transit, and the need to find a dedicated funding source -- that means a new tax of the type Walker opposes -- to do it.

County Department of Administration Linda Seemeyer voted for the budget-busting plan -- that makes me feel so much better about her assurances last week that the county is not yet bankrupt -- she's still working on it. The other two county reps favoring the plan were William R. Drew, who headed up the abysmal regional freeway study; and County Board Chairman Lee Holloway.

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