Thursday, June 29, 2006

Walker wants someone else to raise taxes

Scott Walker is back with a new plan to make other people raise taxes so he can continue to criticize them for doing so. His latest idea -- which also is backed by State. Rep. Jeff "Steal the Airport" Stone (R-Greendale) and State Sen. Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) -- is to create a Parks District funded initially with the equivalent of the $18.4 million parks levy. The county would then cut its own levy by $18.4 million.

This move, if adopted, would surely result in an increased parks levy. It's probably safe to assume parks supporters would be the majority on any parks district governing board, and would increase taxes to provide basic funding, as opposed to Walker's starve-'em-to-death strategy. The Walker-Stone-Darling plan would allow the park employees to be jettisoned in favor of private contract workers, which would save some money, but probably not enough, and would create more Milwaukee County residents unable to afford the new parks taxes.

Meanwhile, Walker would continue to wreck county services. The proposal calls for the county to reduce its levy by the parks' $18.4 million. It does not say the county should use the money for social services or medical care instead. Walker could continue to pose for holy pictures while the county falls down around him. Taxes would go up, but not Walker's taxes, so he could whine about that while begging the state for a county bailout.

It's more likely that Walker knows this doesn't have a chance in hell and when it fails and the parks continue to deteriorate, guess what? He can blame someone else.

It's so much easier than actually doing something.

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