Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tax hike bad, 7-year term for stealing not worth a word

Holy smokes, another story about the Milwaukee Area Technical College tax levy increase. It's a $6.4 million, 4.9% boost. The JS has made clear in its news coverage its disapproval of the increase, but the folks attending the MATC public hearing and those voting on the budget apparently didn't get the message.

If a $6.4 million tax hike rates this kind of coverage, what would the JS have to say about the seven-year prison term handed to an MATC contractor who stole $1.6 million from the school? The paper treats the MATC Board like a bunch of crooks for adopting a tax levy increase -- what would it say about the penalty imposed on the guy who actually stole the equivalent of 25% of the entire levy hike?

Well, nothing.

Milwaukee County Circuit Judge David Hansher in January sentenced Michael McNichols, 54, to seven years in prison and eight years extended supervision for stealing $1.6 million from the college. McNichols also was ordered to undergo psychological evaluation for sexual addiction/compulsion issues, to cooperate with all recommended treatment programs, and to remain enrolled with Gamblers Anonymous.

In case you missed it.

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