Thursday, June 29, 2006

Republican Party doesn't want Doyle to help Milwaukee County

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker has been begging the state to rescue the county from his mismanagement.

Gov. Jim Doyle appointed a task force to examine the county's finances.

Task forces can be worthless, or they can do a lot of good. The Republican Party of Wisconsin, which presumably still includes Scott Walker, doesn't wait for the task force to do its job before attacking.

RPW Executive Director Rick Wiley just makes himself look silly, though:

"When Milwaukee needs more cops, Jim Doyle sends accountants," he blusters.

Well, gee, let's think about that. Wiley obviously didn't.

Doyle proposed $1 million for more Milwaukee cops, and the Republican-led Joint Finance Committee cut that to $750,000. Did Wiley forget already, or does he mean that Doyle has an obligation to add the cops that his party's JFC cut?

Doyle, Wiley said, "should be demanding answers on what was going on right under his nose, rather than waste even more taxpayer money trying to find out why Democrats in Milwaukee defrauded the taxpayers.”

Slinging mud is part of politics, but Wiley hit himself in the eye with this pile of sludge. The task force, according to Doyle's office, "is to examine the county’s finances, report back to Governor Doyle on the challenges the county is facing, and make recommendations on how to address them. The Task Force will report back to Governor Doyle by December 1, 2006. Select findings of the Task Force may serve as the basis for formulating proposals in the Governor's 2007-09 Executive Budget."

Walker wants state help. Doyle may started the process that will provide it. Wiley wants that process killed.

Love the way these Republicans stick together. Wonder whether there was a Wiley/Walker discussion either before or after the RPW issued its statement.

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