Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It may not be a 32% crime increase, but it's not good news

The 32.5% increase in violent crime in Milwaukee indicated by FBI statistics does not seem very likely to be accurate, but the crime trend cannot be considered good news. The Washington Post reports that crime is up, led by a surge of violence in midwestern cities.

The surge in violence was forseen by some law enforcement types. Way back in the mid-1990s, when Richard Artison was still sheriff, I saw a magazine on his desk with a cover that screamed a warning about the violent 2005 we could all expect. Artison said the article was based on demographics -- there simply would be a spike in the population of those most likely to commit crimes.

Being predictable doesn't make the current crime stats any less distressing, but we can at least hope that this is a peak, and that this spike will have a downward slope very soon.


Anonymous said...

Let's think about this one. Which demographic groups are having the most children, and which are having the least children?

It seems to me that generally our cities are trending towards exponential increases in the poor population, while wealthier people are having no, one, or maybe as many as two kids.

Does this look hopeful for the future? What's the solution?

Blurondo said...

The solution is gay marriage.