Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bruce! Say it ain't so!

The new edition of the Milwaukee Labor Press takes Bruce Springsteen to task for booking his Seeger Sessions concert at the Bradley Center, which the paper says is "anti-union (some would say virulently anti-union)."

Bruce Springsteen honoring Pete Seeger at an anti-union venue? Oh, my heart aches. Compounding the sin, according to the Labor Press' Dominque Paul Noth, is that there are so many other nearby unionized concert halls available: the Milwaukee Theatre; US Cellular Arena; the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts; and the Marcus Amphitheater.

Union reps are trying to get to Springsteen's people to talk about doing music at a different place. They don't think that The Boss deliberately dissed unionized workers and that he didn't know the Bradley Center was not union friendly when he booked the date.

That doesn't mean it's OK to play there come June 14..

"If it's still at the Bradley, look for leafleting at the concert by many unions, plus some street protest music," the paper said.

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