Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Down with sunset commissions

Passage of the federal budget is a tough act this year. President Bush sent a piece of garbage budget to Congress, which treated it appropriately. The ruling legislators in Our Nation's Capitol can't agree among themselves on just how much they want to hurt poor people -- a lot or a real, real lot -- so they are trying to find ways to appease each other while hurting poor people. One of the compromises being talked about are "sunset commissions." Under those proposals, government programs would be reviewed every 10 years and then killed if the commission doesn't like them. Our elected representatives, conveniently enough for them, would be able to absolutely avoid the tough choices they were elected to make.

OMB Watch says the programs most likely to be axed first by sunset commissions are the ones Bush wants to kill, anyway, but hasn't been able to -- community development, health care, education and rural development programs. This would hurt poor people, and a lot of others, a real, real lot.

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